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Topic: Any Ideas How To Promote Zi:Kill ?

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Date: Apr 16, 2011
Any Ideas How To Promote Zi:Kill ?

there once was a great man who was on a mission.  a mission to turn the world into a zi:kill world. a noble idea, yes indeed.  but halfway through his quest, he sat down in the shade of an old oak tree to take a little break. his feet were tired, his back sweaty and dark strands of hair were plastered against his pale and ... oh... sorry, i got sidetracked. ^^

the moral of the story is the same. promoting our favorite band zi:kill, that's why we are all here in this forum, right?

has anyone ideas how we could do it?  hey, isn't that an interesting question, actually? who is "we" and how many of us are out there?  maybe we should count.

there's a video floating on youtube of a guy dancing all over the world. he took his camera wherever he went and recorded himself doing a silly little dance, at first he did it alone, but the more he travelled, the more people suddenly appeared in his clips. really fascinating. 

1) we could upload a video to advertise a worldwide zi:kill fan count !  something that spreads through the world like a mexican "la ola" wave.  if you've ever visited or seen a major sports event you know what i'm talking about. ( details of such count would need to be discussed ).

2) we could start something like a "tusk the tourist chain letter", or in that case rather a chain photo.  send a tusk doll around the world.  take a picture with the doll and then e-mail the photo to a 'collection point' and send the doll to another zi:kill fan you know of.  someone trustworthy if even possible, so that tusk the tourist will never be in any danger of getting harmed.  that way we would kill two cats with one stone.  by the number of photos we'll receive we would be able to tell how many fans are out there AND we'd do a mega promotion at the same time. :D

3) somebody could do something really outrageous while screaming "zi:kill" - then everyone would start to murmur... "what is he / she saying?" even reporter would mention not only your crazy stunt, but also what you yelled while performing it.  research would be done. wikipedia would overheat.  youtube would crash... of course, i'm not talking about a negative, dangerous act like climbing up the empire state building in king kong fashion.  no !! ^^  i'm talking about something pleasant.  you can shout zi:kill ! zi:kill ! while donating plush animals and childrens books to a hospital or orphanage or while handing out food and clothes to homeless people.  ( or even offering your seat in the bus to an old lady ).

anyway... food for thought.  ;)

@ itaya-san : you can thank me later by whispering "whoa whoa whoa" in my ear... ^^


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Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. Miss you like hell.  www.LoveMyKei.com

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