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Topic: Cut from Rocket Live

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Date: Mar 20, 2009
Cut from Rocket Live

Sorry for bad quality of picture (not direct cut).
It is cut out from DVD.

This video is super expensive. That time, I get from Amazon about $100
but if you use auction Yahoo, you can get it very cheap.
But Auction Yahoo requires Japanese Bank account or credit card, and may require address in Japan, too. I live in USA, so I have to get at Amazon with that prize.

A lovely Zi:Kill 's fan who owned that DVD wrote to me really cute.
I like all Zi:Kill's fan.

Let me talk a little bit about Zi:Kill Live Rocket

Tusk is really handsome in this DVD. But he hold a guitar, so he could not dance fully.










They sing Keep on Calling
I think you can remember that.
Watch in youtube.


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Date: Apr 15, 2009
OMG! These are great! I wanna have this DVD!!!! but I don't have enough money to buy it :( :(

Date: Apr 15, 2009
This is the link to buy at Yahoo (Japan)Auction

Rocket Live + Open the Gate DVD
just53 USD

Rocket Live only
It is around 47 USD

Open the Gate only
It is around1.50 USD (but it is Bid page)
Mostly, no one bids it. You can get it just 2 bucks.
Very Cheap.

Try to find a nice Japanese friend, and let him or her buy them for you.
I try my credit card and master card from both my hometown and USA. All did not work.
I use google translate, it said that I need to have accoutn of some Japanese Bank.

My Japanese friend who hold a Japanese credit card with English name,could notpay on this site, too.

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Date: Apr 21, 2009
Ah! Tusk so beautiful! *_*
I can't take the liberty to purchase this dvd... T_T

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Date: Apr 24, 2009
Where the hell can I get a japanese friend who can be sooo nice to buy a DVD for Me? xD It would be the easiest if somebody uploads it somewhere... like on rapidshare... or I don't know... I'm looking for this DVD for ages since I know Zi:kill, but the prices are still high for Me... (And I live in Hungary where I can't find any of their stuff...)

Date: Apr 25, 2009
I like everyone in Zi:Kill.
I've tried to buy some CD/DVD via yahoo.jp but cannot as I don't have JP bank account!

For this gallery, Tusk is the best esp. when open his chest and his smile, ha ha!

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Date: Apr 26, 2009
The last one, 2 DVD are just 2 dollar, I want to go to japan to get them, too.

A friend told me , she can get the concert from program called, Soul Seek or Limewire.
Beware Limewire a little bit about un-real video. (real and look at the size of file carefully)

Or use google search engine and say, how to get video from imeem.com
The quality is much better than youtube. Probably they are full quality.

livejournal users may know better how to get the files.

Hello Zi:KiDs
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