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Topic: Yukihiro L'Arc~en~Ciel With Zi:KiLL

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Date: Mar 1, 2010
Yukihiro L'Arc~en~Ciel With Zi:KiLL

**Yukihiro means the current drummer of L'Arc~en~Ciel

In fact, I have a better quality of this pic in my PC in Thailand. Well, I am now in NYC though. So..
This is from http://x34.peps.jp/takaya49/album/c_index.php?cn=8&tnum=199&cs=old

biggrinYukihiro cannot get along with Tusk so well, because their different music attitudes. But! Ken likes Yukihiro so much. He hired Yukihiro to do electro stuff for his second album, Hip Grind Man.

biggrinfrom http://community.livejournal.com/larcenciel/1175435.html
nanani said "AFAIK yuki didn't join Zi:Kill until 89. They had a hard time keeping a drummer and yuki didn't stay that long. "
Sw believe that if Zi:Kill was not disband in 1994, Eby Chan could stay with them until the end of the world. Eby is the right drummer for them actually.

biggrinDVD: DOCUMENTARY FILMS ~Trans ASIA via PARIS~ disc 01 - english translation
from http://community.livejournal.com/larcenciel/1089078.html
I: hahaha, indeed, it’s strange to say “visual-kei music”.
yukki: there was a person that kept asking me about Visual-kei.
I: Maybe they’re mixing up things
yukki: No,no, maybe that’s because visual-kei is trendy in overseas now, and I think they want me to say what I think about it. I think it’s much better now, because in former times I used to say them to shut up. Now it’s different because the bands are self-claiming they’re visual kei. When I started we wouldn’t even talk about visual-kei in a band. When I played for Zi:kill was the first time I heard about that. And at that time the bands didn’t like to be tagged as visual kei.

biggrinI just say what I know about them. Yukihiro is a perfect drummer himself. He has a really good skill. People compare him with Eby Chan, and they said, Eby Chan kept simply rhythms. Whatever, Zi:Kill's music does not need fast drummer or crazy genius drummer. Zi:Kill will perfectly need a proper drummer, and they will be so happy if that guy can play Jazz, and Eby Chan can do it.

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Hello Zi:KiDs
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Date: Mar 17, 2010
from http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yukihiro

The clever people will know what happened.
Responsibility? selfishness? And who? Go ask Alice.... I cannot say from my position.


しかし、バンド活動に傾倒し次第に学校へ行く意味を見失い、高校を退学しようと親に相談したところかなり怒られた為、高校を無事に卒業後、大学へ進学。 大学在学中、東京ヤンキースを結成する前のUME、NORIとGUERRILLAを結成。目黒鹿鳴館でそのバンドのライブを見ていたZI:KILLの KENがyukihiroを誘い、そのままZI:KILLに加入(89/06/11)。2枚のアルバムに参加したが、そのレコーディング終了後に脱退してしまう。わずか加入1年半での脱退(90/12/28)。理由は海外でレコーディング中ヴォーカルのTUSKが「こいつが居るなら俺が辞める」と言い出し、途中参加だったyukihiroが抜ける事となった。yukihiro曰く、音楽的に極端なものを目指す自分と普遍的なものを目指す他メンバーとの間に距離やズレが生じていたとのことである。また、この頃のyukihiroは自己主張が強く妥協を許さなかったことも不仲の原因の一つであったと言える。脱退した途端にレコード会社の人間に見放されたため、初めて訪れた海外で放り出される結果となった。(音楽と人2006年6月号参照)

Hello Zi:KiDs
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