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Topic: Ken Zi:Kill in Shimokita QUE launch Sep 15th, 08

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Date: May 9, 2009
Ken Zi:Kill in Shimokita QUE launch Sep 15th, 08

NOTE : please begin to check again @ April 4, 2010

Credit or URL : http://ads-evil.jugem.jp/?month=200809

All dear, you can go to comment there.
Thank a lot!

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Live in the Tachikawa, Tachikawa's
It's still far away

Babel coffer but I just got in, it was beautiful, but it's a little bigger and Capa
This is just a van at the pair of friends and acquaintances, I OMOROKATTA

Red Rum, 101A, the town never MUNIMUNI

Hisahiko BURATTI I've been working on a decree to the trough in the lobby before game time we met
BURATTI hate is when the well-Van

The color was launched in the village and I talk, maybe?

Koji Mullis and color I had and started talking to people I do not remember massagist then, I have fragmented memories
I want to be deep and memory loss alcohol recently
Matsubara her back in, I returned with her, things like friendship, I Shibuya, through the back?
I TENJAN long way round
Matsubara somewhere to go with her? , She came home tired, like I said
Around 6 the morning?

Matsubara, things like go to the bars of her cases! I must have been

The next topic in the village

I recently joined the band a little new
Seems everyone in black clothes, all black around the eyes
I want the band is
Bread or positive BATTOKEIBU

I will immediately go live in

I will soon be fine


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Hello Zi:KiDs
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Posts: 230
Date: May 9, 2009
Another blog this author wrote about Ken
Look at the Date 2008 - 07 - 06

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The last 6 / 27 HIDEO her on FOX and in the Shimokita 2man I did
While we enjoyed
I did a lot of customers coming

Launch is located on 251 I did at the cafe, open all windows andCHIKATTA deck
Recently season to really take off

Now go one clock channel Shimokita man is heading to the event

The clock channel Hirata I came too, and again after a long while
He carved pine P.T.P. you or you and Ishikawa
I get ink on his

PTPTTA but before this album, amazing really cool, and put in good store

Zi-KILL took a long time I had with Ken
And Ken has been known for about 17 years old, I'm making friends in the village
Zi-KILL You still do catering

I went to watch live or something first, I thought it cool
At that time often used to play in Yokohama

To drink in the house in winter, Ken CHATTARA PADE KOTATSU going to sleep in the cold with electric stove, I do melt the whole surface electric stove to heat the blanket KOTATSU

I am looking forward to today's events
Quite a long time from you YOSHIYA
I HATE when the SOBUT sometimes together, sometimes from the event and

But it's rather late
I'm sorry Members

It's summer now, especially things like the hot weather today
I hope because I like summer

Photo 6 / 27 I think in Shimokitazawa 251 launch


The author is artist, too and has a nice smile smile.gif

Hello Zi:KiDs
Date: May 9, 2009
although Ken posts as no eyes, he still looks lovely OR
he know that his posture like this will make him look so cute,
Ha! ha! Ha! ha! Ha! ha! Ha! ha!

Date: May 10, 2009
Here is Shimokita QUE food shop (may be as I found by google search)
There have a Thai Flag and the Flag of our King's
Enthronement of 60 years

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