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Topic: Update fan art of Seth et Holth

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Date: Apr 18, 2009
Update fan art of Seth et Holth

Firstly Literature of Words in the movie.
The author need opinion, you can sign up or sign in and comment.


by Ryo2Noryo

Hide is so beautiful when hide is with Tusk.
Do you know what I mean?
Back to the place, where we use to say.
Man, it feels good to feel this way.


by xJunk-Story

Very very look like Seth et Holth version
You know that Tusk Zi:Kill and Tusk Holth are very different.


by Terigrander

Eye is fav thing of both Hide and Tusk. One of its soundtracks is "the Eye", too.


by hippycaterpillar

I think right now, this artist has another profile. I can remember the style of this guy so well.


by WhiteFlamethorn

Hide of Seth et Holth is one of the most beautiful version, or the most beautiful in first era. After Hide switch his hair style from high punk 80's to pink hair.

Tusk's pink spirit lady.

This high hair made Hide seems taller than Tusk, and also the size of their coffins. In fact, Tusk is taller a little bit. Should be 173-175
I cannot remember, but I has the scan at home.

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Hello Zi:KiDs
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Date: Nov 16, 2009
You know that new version of Photobucket 2009, you can simply comment on others' pictures as you can do on Flickr.

But on Flickr, please so not put the stuff that you do not own the copyright.

from user PinkSpider01

from user Teri_Grander
See more from the same great fan!!http://images.yandex.ru/search?p=1&ed=1&text=seth%20en%20Holth&spsite=terigrander.narod.ru&img_url=terigrander.narod.ru%2Fgallery%2FHolth%2FP3050121.JPG&rpt=simage

from user PinkSpider01

from user Cosplay_CE

from user amyshade

Unknown resource

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Hello Zi:KiDs
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Date: Feb 8, 2010
This guy have Deviantart Account.

seth et holth comic

Hello Zi:KiDs
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Date: Feb 24, 2010

  • i?id=3691916&tov=8
  • i?id=7900140&tov=2
  • i?id=82802371&tov=0
  • i?id=60371168&tov=0
  • i?id=65692653&tov=7
  • i?id=100471364&tov=3
  • i?id=107025266&tov=2
  • i?id=84089324&tov=4
  • i?id=13565302&tov=4

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Hello Zi:KiDs
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